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Why Freedom from Patents is Important to QR Code Users

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Scanbuy owns or is licensed to patents covering our entire solution—providing ScanLife QR Code clients with the freedom to focus on marketing campaigns and building their business.   If you are considering using QR Codes, chose a partner that can protect you from patent trolls and the costs and risks associated with defending a patent lawsuit.  To learn more about Scanbuy contact us today at

A tecnologia de códigos ScanLife NFC/QR ajudando na Topps 2013 All-Star FanFest Contest

A Topp’s escolhe a plataforma ScanLife para criar um concurso interativo para fãs de baseball. Usando uma poderosa combinação de códigos QR e gatilhos NFC ScanLife, os fãs puderam entrar no concurso para ganhar acessórios grátis da MLB (Major League Baseball). Saiba Mais.

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Os escâneres de códigos QR conectam você a um mundo de informações relevantes sobre as suas marcas favoritas, produtos, eventos e pessoas. O nosso app acabou de ser aprimorado com o Facebook para facilitar o compartilhamento do que você encontrar e do que outros na comunidade ScanLife estão escaneando. Obtenha o app hoje.

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August 19, 2013 As Licensee of the Microsoft Tag Technology, Scanbuy Will Advance the Technology and Provide the Migration Path forward for existing and new customers who choose to continue using the Microsoft TAG format on the ScanLife platform.

Report Shows Scanbuy Processed Over 21 Million Mobile Barcode Scans in Q2 2013

Aug. 1, 2013 Latest Scanbuy Trend Report Reveals Continued Rapid Growth of QR and UPC Code Scans by Mobile Users; Over 7 Million Scans Processed Consecutively Each Month

Topps selects Scanbuy to Create an Interactive 2013 MLB All-Star FanFest Using NFC and QR Code Technology

July 12, 2013 More than 100,000 FanFest Attendees Will Have the Chance to Win Prizes By Using their Smartphones to Touch or Scan Giant Topps Baseball Cards

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Get the latest trend report View our latest Mobile Marketing Trend Report on QR Code and barcode scanning. Read More »

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QR Code Scanning Continues To Increase

August 4, 2013 ScanLife’s latest trend report shows that they processed over 21 million QR Code and UPC mobile barcodes in Q2 2013. The report shows that users are scanning over three times per month on average (+22% from Q2 2012) with men accounting for 64% of the scans and women 36% of the scans. Operating system breakdown shows that 60% of scans came from the Android OS compared to 37% on Apple iOS devices. Top choice of content is videos, app downloads and product information.

QR Code Scanner Age and Gender Breakdowns in Q2

August 2, 2013 ScanLife is out with its latest quarterly Mobile Barcode Trend Report [pdf] in which it reports 4 million new users around the world and 6 million active scanners, impressive figures even as other research suggests that within the US the amount of scanners isn’t keeping up with the growth in smartphone penetration. Nevertheless, ScanLife’s latest study reveals some interesting demographic breakdowns of the barcode scanner.